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What is Taranify Movie Recommendation AI?

Finding the right movie or TV-series can often feel overwhelming, especially when you're not sure what you're in the mood for.

That's where Taranify Recommendation Ai comes in.

Just like we've been doing with Spotify playlists, our system gauges your current emotional state through a quick color quiz to offer a title that perfectly resonates with how you're feeling. This approach makes sure that you would enjoy watching it.

It's as simple as that!

How does Taranify Movie Recommendation AI work?

Start with a color quiz designed to assess your mood.

Whether you're feeling down and in need of a pick-me-up or amped and looking for some action, our algorithm does the heavy lifting.

Taranify sorts through an extensive library of movies and TV-series, selecting options that align with your emotional state.

No more scrolling through endless titles—get directly to the shows or movies that speak to you, all thanks to our emotion-driven, personalized movie recommendations.


Can I use it for free?

Yes, It is free to use.

How does the mood-based Netflix recommendation system work?

Taranify.com uses a color quiz and AI algorithms to assess your current emotional state.
Based on your response, we offer a Netflix movies or TV-series that is aligned with your mood, eliminating the need for endless scrolling through options.

Do I need a Netflix account to use this feature?

No, while you don't need a Netflix account to receive recommendations from our platform, you will need one to actually watch the movies or TV-series we suggest.

How accurate are the mood-based recommendations?

The algorithm is designed to offer accurate, emotion-driven recommendations as much as possible. However, tastes can be subjective, so feel free to give us feedback on how well our picks resonated with you.

Can I get recommendations for multiple moods or for a group of people?

Currently, our system is designed to cater to individual moods for a more personalized experience.

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