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How Am I Feeling? Quiz Game

Emotions can be complex, and sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we’re feeling.

Using Taranify AI and just a quick fun color quiz below, It guesses your current emotional state

It's a fun activity and the results are only for entertainment purposes

Pick colors, most to least noticeable to you right now

keep choosing, 10 more to go

How does it work?

Taranify is an AI at its core. It tries to capture how we are feeling deep in our subconsious levels and recommends different things to its users to make sure they would enjoy it.

This is an experimental page to try to estimate how we it captures our emotional state.

How do I complete the quiz?

The quiz is pretty simple. You need to sort and select the colors based on how they are attracting your eye.

You see all the colors next to each other. Now,

  • Start by selecting the color that grabs your attention. For example if "Red" is bolder to you and it grabs your attention first.
  • Then, select the second color that grabs your attention between remaining colors.
  • Then, do the same for the 3rd color and all remaining colors until all colors are gone.

Taranify then starts its AI engine to compare that with thousand of other records we have and try to guess your emotional feelings at the moment.

This is an experimental page to try to estimate how we it captures our emotional state.

Is this 100% accurate?

No, Taranify (like any other AI) can only guess. Its guess is based on past data and training that have been done. We are working to make the results as accurate as technically possible, however, this is just for fun.

It's just a fun activity for entertainment purposes.

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