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Using a quick fun color quiz below and Taranify Mood AI

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STOP endless skipping
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What is Taranify AI?

What is Taranify AI?

Taranify is a where artificial intelligence (AI) meets human emotions.

transcending conventional recommendation patterns based solely on users' history

providing suggestions rooted in your present feelings and desires.

How Taranify Helps

We believe that people enjoy listening or watching things that are aligned with their current mood & inner feelings.

How Taranify Helps

How does Taranify AI work?

Taranify is a fun and interactive way to discover new music, using your mood & a color quiz to suggest Spotify playlists that match your current vibe.

This would make sure, you don't waste time on skipping music, only to find the songs you would enjoy.

Whether you're looking to discover new music or simply want to find the perfect playlist for your current mood, taranify.com is here to help. Try it out and let us know what you think!


Can I use it for free?

Yes, It is free to use.

What is Taranify All-In-One?

It's all on one page, a special section that based on how you're feeling, we'll suggest:

  • Perfect Spotify playlist to match your vibe, and
  • Netflix shows that'll catch your eye, and
  • Food cuisines to satisfy your cravings.

How does taranify.com determine my mood?

Taranify.com uses an interactive color quiz and AI algorithms to guess your current mood and then pairs it with the perfect Spotify playlist to match.
You simply choose the colors that attract your attention until all colors are gone.

How accurate are the mood-based recommendations?

The algorithm is designed to offer accurate, emotion-driven recommendations as much as possible. However, tastes can be subjective, so feel free to give us feedback on how well our picks resonated with you.

What is Playlist AI?

"Playlist AI" refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and technologies to curate, generate, or recommend playlists of content such as music, videos, or other media.
Playlist AI systems analyze various factors and data points to create personalized or theme-based collections of content that are tailored to an individual's preferences, mood, or specific requirements.

How does the mood-based Netflix recommendation system work?

Taranify.com uses a color quiz and AI algorithms to assess your current emotional state.
Based on your response, we offer a Netflix movies or TV-series that is aligned with your mood, eliminating the need for endless scrolling through options.

How many recommendations can I get?

As many as you want, Simply click on Regenerate button to generate a new recommendation. You can also Start over.

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